That evening I felt somewhat strange

A shadow walked down my lane

It couldn’t reach me though it tried

As I was quite far from its sight

What have you done?

It yelled and asked me in pain

But I couldn’t answer

As I was far from range

I came closer and saw that shadow

He was a question wearing clothes of sorrow

With tears in his eyes he looked at me

And stretched his shivering hands towards me

Why are you crying, I asked him innocently

Still wondering why he came for help to me

But he didn’t seem to acknowledge his own plight

Rather was offering me some kind of insight

And I saw…

The animals I killed for skin and food

The trees I cut for fire and wood

The waters I polluted, the air I poisoned

The ecology I disturbed just for revenue

Global Warming to Climatic Change

Deforestation and Acid Rain

I can’t count what all has changed

I distorted everything for my gains

I didn’t do it I said to him

But I couldn’t escape as innocent

Though I was not the one

But certainly one of them

The question was my conscience

Walking along like a shadow

He always whispered but in vein

As I was far; far from range

That evening, I felt really strange

We have been witnessing a lot in recent times. The damage done to our environment by us (humans) has visibly left its stains on the planet. We can still undo a lot so let’s act now. This poem is a reflection of my thoughts.