I Close My Eyes

I open my eyes
The reality must be else
What I saw with closed eyes
Could be else but yes

Winds gushing down the face
And hair flying haywire
I felt like an angel
Floating high in the sky

Vibrations of a heavenly abode
chirping of the fluttering birds
Burbling rivulets singing
A song of love and hope

The chapel rings the bell
It’s six in the morning
I wake up to see
A land of true beauty
I ask myself
If it was true

Mind is in raptures of delight
Heart crying for deity’s sight
Lo, I see Her eyes in the skies
I say to myself
Yes, it is true
And I close my eyes

My first morning in Cabella, a small village in Italy in 2009, deeply loved & blessed by Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ji.